Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well.... I'm switiching my blog!!!!!!!

Hello all,

So I will no longer be posting my blog to this Blogger account. I have set up a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW blog in the "News" section of my website, and I will be doing everything there from now on. OF COURSE I will leave this up..... so no worries on that :). Please visit my blog though, and feel free to check out the new layout of my website.... it's SUPER NEATO!!!!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello True Believers!
Head on over to Trixie Fishstabber's blog and check out an interview with little old me! It's a lot of business-type talk, but is fun none the less!!!! :)

Check it out here:

Thanks all!

I have an entry in the Paul Frank Art Attack contest, and I need you to go vote for me!!!! Click on this link here:

And, if you like my entry, please give me 5 monkeys. Winning this contest would be GREAT for me, since, not only would I win a lot of exposure, and recognition, but I ALSO win a BOATLOAD of art supplies!!!! YAY!!!!

So go now, and vote.... and don't forget to tell your friends to vote too.... every one helps!

This is the piece I entered into the contest

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Thank you all who came to my show at EAT CAKE! It was a very good showing, and all of the fantastic monster cakes were PHENOMINAL!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello all!

So back in the beginning of March, I was contacted by an art Teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools. She had told me that her students were going to be looking at my work, as well as another artist's work. We both used robots in our work. As part of the project, she has asked if her class could send me some questions. OF COURSE I had to say yes!!!! This seventh grade class then sent me some of the best questions I had ever been asked as an artist! They were simple, yet made me think a LOT. They made me think of my career, my art, and my future as an artist! It was an amazing experience overall, and I am so glad that I was asked to be a part of it! I would like to thank the class and the teacher for asking me to do this (you all know who you are). It was an honor to answer your questions, and the "class picture" that is above is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!!!!

So like I said before, the glass sent me a group of questions to answer. I just wanted to post these questions (and my answers). Like I said, it was a GREAT set of questions :).

So without any further delay, here are all of the questions. Thank you all again for asking me to be a part of this!

1- Q:How come some of the robots have a number 3 or 5 on them? What is the significance of the numbers?

A: Like in most of my paintings, I like to put hidden imagery, or at least imagery that means something to me, and is intreaguing to the viewer. Sometimes, the imagery is so personal, that I don't really share the meaning with people, and sometimes, I do. In the case of the 3 and 5 (and also 8 and 0), the 3 represents my wife, my daughter, and myself. The 5 and 8 are something that is personal to me, and the 0 is there because I simply like painting the number zero :). I can't say enough for just painting something you think is fun! Honestly, I really like all of those numbers, so it works out for me. The thing that I really like though is hearing what people say the numbers (and other imagery) mean to them. Like I say in my artist statement "the interpretation of my work is left up to the viewer, letting them establish their own ideas of my world, much like we are left to interpret the real world on our own"

2- Q:Does each image tell an individual story or are the iamges (the color ones) part or a collective story?

A: Both... I do have ongoing characters and one-off characters. Most of the regulars represent something, but others are just there cause I like to paint them :). I do have a story I am telling as well.... but it comes out in little chunks, and not necessarily in order either. I do, however, like to make each painting stand on it's own as well as be a part of a bigger story arc.

3- Q:How do you begin to create your drawings and paintings? (do you sketch, brainstorm, etc).

A: I have no real pattern as to how I create a painting. A lot of times though, it goes like this. An idea will hit me... many times they hit me while I am starting to fall asleep! After that, I do a rough sketch in my sketchbook, and from there I will either transfer that drawing to my surface (either by hand, or with the help of my handy-dandy Mac), or I will just re-draw it on the surface. After that I just build my painting, doing layer after layer. Also, my original drawing very seldom matches my painting... I add or subtract things as I go, and see how the space is being used. My process is very organic though, and I just do what feels right with each individual piece.

4- Q: Where do you get your ideas from?

A: Many things inspire me. My daughter, my Wife, Comic books, cartoons, advertising, everyday life.... or sometimes it comes out of nowhere. it all gets taken in and processed into my work. No artist is an island.... no matter how much they pretend to be.

5- Q: Do you express your feelings through your robots?

A: YES, YES, YES!!!!!! I have always loved the idea of something mechanical that has human emotions/feelings. I try to portray that as often as possible, and what better emotions to give it than my own :).

6- Q: How many drawings/paintings/prints have you created in a year?

A: Well, it varies. In 2009, I made around 30 paintings or so, but that was a big year. Before that, it has been less, but as the years go by, I am showing more places, and I need to create more. As far as drawings, I draw a LOT... pretty much daily. Mostly I am drawing in my sketchbook though to get out ideas for new robots, monsters, painting ideas, etc. Usually they are pretty rough though.

7- Q: Why do you draw these creatures?

A: Many of these creatures represent something to me. Either to help me get a feeling out, or just to have fun, and everything in between. Also, I feel like I HAVE to paint them... otherwise they will just rattle around in my brain, and they don't rally like that...they deserve to be let out :).

8-Q: Is it cool to be an artist?

A: Yes... but it is a LOT of hard work and dedication :).

9-Q: Do you do other things besides the art that is on your web site?

A: As far as other art, I like to sculpt, screenprint, and take photographs, but these days a LOT of my time is devoted to my painting/drawing. Also, I carry a camera with me almost everywhere. You never know when you will come by that amazing shot that you wish you had your camera for! As far as non-art related things, I read a lot of comics, hang out with my family/friends, play video games... the usual stuff.

10- Q: What did you go to school for? Where did you go to school?

A: I went to school for Illustration and Graphic Design (double major), and I went to MIAD (the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design)... that's an art college around here.

11- Q: Do you only paint and draw?

A: No, like I said above, I like to sculpt, screenprint, and take photographs. Those are mostly for fun, and I don't show people that work, other than friends and family. Though I will say that I am working on my own line of t-shirts..... so I guess people will be seeing that stuff. I used to do a lot of computer-based art too, but I found that I like doing hand-generated things better.

12- Q: Why did you choose to be an artist?

A: Like many artists, it was something I just did my whole life...... making art just drove me. When I was a little kid I was drawing a lot (yes, my mom still has a lot of them too), and it just continued through high-school to college to now. I will say though that there was a time in high school when I was deciding if I wanted to be an artist or a computer programmer. I wrote my first program in 5th grade, so I have been into computers for a long time too. I'm glad I choose this route though.... there is nothing like doing a body of work, then putting it on display for everyone to see! Just talking to everyone at the shows is fantastic!

13- Q: Are all of your artworks small?

A: Currently, most of my work ranges from about 6x6 inches to about 18x24 inches. This year though, for 2 shows I am doing, I am creating pieces that are much bigger, ranging from about 12x18 inches to 50x50 inches. I think every year my work gets bigger and bigger.

14- Q: For how long have you been an artist?

A: As long as I can remember! If I wasn't drawing my favorite animal or Transformer, I was creating something out of popsicle sticks! I have always loved making things, and it will be a very sad day (if it ever comes) when I can no longer create. It is a MAJOR part of me.

Ok, that's it!

Thank you again, class, for asking me to be a part of your project! I hope you all liked my answers to your questions, and maybe one day I will see YOUR work in a gallery :).

Take care

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jimbot @ Art Whino, G40: The Summit

Hello all,

So if you are in the DC area, go check out this AMAZING show put on by Art Whino. There is so much amazing art there, INCLUDING 5 Jimbot original pieces! GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!! GO NOW!!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneek Peek at my next project!

Hello all in Jimbot-land!

I just wanted to post a little peek at a current project I am working feverishly to finish. It is a little different for me.... at least compared to the stuff I usually post. This is all going to be black and white ink drawings! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little look!